Holywell Primary School

  • “This vision is based on the belief that each pupil in the school community is a unique individual, with the ability to achieve and an entitlement to a sense of personal worth.”

  •  “At the heart of our vision is the drive to ensure children grow up to lead safe, happy, healthy and successful lives.”

  • — Mr Callaghan, Headteacher

Our school’s vision statement,

“Recognise and Realise Aspirations”

is a vision that is shared by us all. We believe that the vision statement prepares the school and all its pupils for education in the 21st Century.

Holywell Primary School  believes that to be an ASPIRATIONAL school our pupils need to develop the following:








To achieve this, the pupils are encouraged to:

Promote RESPECT for ourselves, each other and the environment wherever we are.

Embrace ENTERPRISE, developing as a creative community, able to solve problems and utilise new technologies in the changing world.

Value ACCOMPLISHMENT through challenge, resilience and high expectations, working both as an individual and as a member of a team.

Ensure that successful LEARNING takes place in a creative, stimulating and personalised environment where everyone feels safe and happy.

Celebrate INDIVIDUALITY, recognising talents, interests, diversity and original thought.

Strive to develop key SKILLS to enable success.

Enhance ESTEEM of self, through physical, spiritual, social and mental development.


Educating pupils and making sure they grow up to lead safe, happy, healthy and successful lives is at the heart of Holywell Primary School’s ethos.

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